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Windoor Real Fly. Wind tunnel. Discount 15%

Experience the feeling of flying

No more excuses not to make most mortals' dream come true: to fly!

In Empuriabrava, the "Mecca" of skydiving, is the WINDOOR Real Fly Wind Tunnel in Empuriabrava, the first freefall simulator in the Iberian peninsula targeting all kinds of public. The new facility allows you, without risk, to experience the liberating feeling of flying in a 10-metre high glass cylinder, which intensifies the impression of being suspended in the air.


Since opening in November 2012, the WINDOOR has become an authentic revolution in the world of sensory experiences. Previously exclusive to parachutists, freefalling is now available to the general public thanks to advanced technology that allows you to reproduce the feeling of flying like a bird, without having to jump from a plane.
Two very different types of visitors come to the Wind Tunnel. On the one hand, professional skydivers from throughout the world who want to improve their technique and rehearse aerobatic formations and on the other, beginners (first-time flyers) who decide to have their first experience of flying.
Both types of flyers congregate daily around the Wind Tunnel, an efficient 10-metre high glass cylinder. The fact that the tunnel is transparent reinforces the feeling of floating and freedom. In addition, it is in full view of those accompanying who wish to photograph the moment and enables future flyers to observe the technique of indoor flying.Anyone, including children over four years of age, can enjoy this experience, risk free.


Flight rules
When you arrive at the tunnel you have a preparatory class where an instructor shows the group the positions to adopt for flying. After the practice session, you go to the changing area where flyers are issued with the proper clothing. Once equipped, you go up to the top floor where you can see other people flying. At the time of your reservation you enter a pressurized room with the rest of the group (up to 12 people). Each person performs two flights, each lasting a minute. In the first minute you put all the knowledge into practice and then you analyse the experience together with the instructor so that you will enjoy the second flight more intensely.
Leisure Area
At the Empuriabrava Wind Tunnel a leisure area has been fitted out where those accompanying you can watch both beginners and professionals taking their indoor flight. This area, equipped with WiFi, has a cocktail bar where you can have something to eat or drink while watching the flyers.



Windoor Real fly

Sector Aeroclub, s/n

17487 Empuriabrava 

Tel: (+34) 972 45 40 40





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